Our Brand


The Name

The name ‘Earthnic’ was derived by combining the words ‘earth’ and ‘ethnic’. 

Born in 2008, Earthnic was conceived to create a lifestyle brand that is (1) dedicated to mindful living (2) honors Mother Nature and (3) transcends cultural boundaries. 


Our Business 

Earthnic Lifestyle selectively curates a collection of unique, sustainable and handmade products sourced from social enterprises and artisan development initiatives that provide economic participation platforms for vulnerable woman and youth.


Our Commitments 

Earthnic Lifestyle is an advocate of Slow Fashion.  We identify and select brands that are dedicated to sustainable processes and resources to make their products.  It involves identifying quality handmade products that are of natural non-toxic materials, garments or shoes that will last longer, brands that value the fair treatment of the artisans in their supply chain, fair treatment of animals and respect for the environment in the sourcing of raw materials and the manufacturing process.

We are also proponents of supporting Small and Woman Owned businesses and feature brands that create opportunities for economic empowerment of disadvantaged communities.